About - Pistache and Rose by Margaret Lipsey 

Abstract Art is an Exploration

I have always leaned towards modern decor and minimalist aesthetic and I think that is evident in my work. Painting abstract art is a freeing process. It is meditative and cathartic, I use my whole body but my mind is quieted in a beautiful way.
I started my practice with the Women of Strength collection, which represents to me the courage, nobility, and determination of women. THis collection has been a favorite to many people, they see themselves or a woman they know in the work. The image represents an ideal of who we can be, a reminder of who we once were, or a remembrance of a woman we knew.
The abstract works have developed slowly, the latest collections - Abundance of Hope and Abstract Fragments - being filled with color and movement. These works are where I explore and play. I started 2019 exploring various color combinations, breaking away from my monochromatic ways. The Abundance of Hope collection are joyful works, each one has a quote I wrote on the back to help express what it meant to me when I created it. The Fragments are exactly that, larger works cut into pieces. They can be hung together or separately. The layers, marks and colors are more dynamic than my past work.
I am looking forward to what comes next in my practice and I look forward to helping you find the perfect art for your space!

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