About - Pistache and Rose by Margaret Lipsey 

Art in many forms

I create in many mediums; food, watercolour, acrylic, paper and ink, and graphic design. {though not at all at the same time}

I began painting with acrylics in 2000 while I was studying at Culinary school in Vermont. I enjoyed the freedom and emotions of abstract art. It was a stress reliever and a big change from my work as a chef. As a creative outlet, it ebbed and flowed over the years.

When I started my catering company in 2007, I began to explore graphic design. With a minimalist aesthetic, I played in that medium for my own business and eventually for clients. It also sparked my love of food photography. Playing with the styling and light was a new way to get creative with my food.

Watercolours sprang to life in the summer of 2015. Turning 40 does strange things to us but I felt a reawakening of creativity. Dresses began coming to life, gaining movement and texture the more that I played. My darling husband created an amazing studio space for me and the suddenly I was in full production.

I always say that I am a true Gemini, unable to be defined by one label, I will focus only on the two passions that have woven together over the years. Food and Art.

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