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Practice over Perfection

What can you create in 10 minutes? What creative things can you play with for 10 minutes? While most people think that adding creativity requires you to spend hours on a task, there is so much that you can accomplish in a short amount of time. I shouldn't say accomplish, there is so much you can discover.

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3 Things I learned about Working Deeply

I recently finished Deep Work by Cal Newport which, from the title you probably already know, discusses going deeper into your work.  Part of what he talks about is focusing your time. Not just setting aside a couple of hours in the studio to work but getting rid of the distractions that keep my mind in shallow thinking mode. He talks about not turning to the internet for entertainment but rather spending your time online in an intentional way, setting aside 20 minutes in the morning and afternoon for email for example. This more intentional mindset really appeals to me and over the last two weeks here are some of the things that came up. First, Social Media is a key...

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