The Kiss

 The kiss had power It was the start of something, a beginning that connected us It was a line in the sand, a declaration that we signed together An understanding that moments of joy were worth the risk of heartbreak A knowing that contentment in this moment made future happiness a more solid possibility It was break from years of mediocrity, of existing without living It was clarifying and suddenly we could see each other, we could feel into each other's souls It illuminated the path, focused the goal, and recovered the thing that we'd lost somewhere along the way The kiss had power and it gave that power to us. 

Between Us

 The days and nights between what we are and what we will be cannot be counted. There is no way to know how many seasons we will live in this becoming, the growing, this falling. While we can tell ourselves the journey is as sweet as the destination, that this game as delicious as the next level, the beckoning of the moment when the world changes is a loud siren's moan. Impossible to ignore, or resist, or avoid What we are What we will be Cannot be rushed or understood or foreseen We have no choice but to wait, to enjoy what is, to be where we are, and to not let anticipation cloud the transformation 


 Sometimes I write upside-down And my thoughts flow backwards To days in the summer sun Our days when nothing was planned but being together Rewinding time Those sweet memories are best viewed topsy turvy and out of order Smiles upon smiles The warm days of youth and you 


 I dreamed of your hands on my body, their slow meandering movements mapping my curves. You were lost in a trance, barely breathing, captured by your task. My world, my existence, narrowed to the single millimeter where your skin touched mine. We journeyed together And that was the best part. 

The Thing About Endings

There may come a day when the bubble bursts. When our happiness is shattered. There may come a day when the fire fades. When our connection dissipates like smoke. There may come a day when I break your heart. When my love is no longer enough to make you smile. Sometimes I mourn for that day, yet to come. Sometimes I rage against that day, denying it existence. Sometimes I just smile, For IF that day ever comes, I will simply convince you to keep loving me. I will not accept defeat or cry helpless tears. I will fight and win and you will love me all the more for it 

Everything Changes

 Today I feel sad It is nothing specific and everything, it's a sort of exhaustion, like the weight of life tipped me over the edge today. It isn't despair, I'm just sad And so I let myself feel sad I let the tears come And when they are done I will jump in the shower to wash them away I will drink a hot coffee and let the warmth run through me I will write the words that need to come out And I will paint and sing in the studio The sadness will pass, it always does. 

I love you... I could tell you I love you 

but I'm sure you know And if you don't know, 

then you haven't been paying attention But even if you haven't been paying close attention 

you should have caught on by now And if you haven't caught on, 

then you should at least be hoping its true So if you are hoping its true 

then let me reassure you There are people I love 

and there are people 

who bring sunshine to my heart. So I could tell you 

I love you 

but that wouldn't be